Welcome to JWGC

Dear Contest Pilots, Team Captains, Crew and all Guests,

the JWGC is on the final glide and as we approach the event, we would like to share some information with you, which should make the start of the competition as smooth as possible.

First Arrival / Driving Rules:

Upon your arrival to the Szeged Airport, the guards at the gate will let you in without a pass. Please do come to the scoring office (map attached) to pick up your entry cards and competition number stickers for your car(s) which will be mandatory for vehicles to drive around the site. There is another gate to the campground which can be opened via a phone call (phone number will be provided on the spot). Please note that only phone numbers given to us at the registration will open this gate. If you need to get your caravan onto the site, it’s better to get in through that second gate.

Tie down area can be accessed according the route on the attached map (for the whole competition). We ask you to drive slowly; take special care at the blind corner by the scoring office.

Tie Down / Glider storage:

Please note, that you were given a place according to your selection (tie down/trailer) at the online registration, and the gliders are in two groups: Standard class with water access and Club class with no water taps.
We have indicated the duplicate CN’s and our suggestion how to change them.
The gliders from the same class and country are together in the tie down area.
Only country code is shown on the map where no CN was given.
If you are keeping the glider tied down but decide to keep it in trailer for a night or so, just keep your trailer where the glider would be. In this case it’s your responsibility to rig the glider in a way that you won’t block others from getting in and out of their spots. Unused trailers asked to be moved to the designated trailer park (see map).

If you indicated a trailer use but you want to keep the glider tied down, please contact us ASAP so we can arrange allocated space for you prior arrival.

Registration / Scrutineering:

Scrutineering will take place at the main hangar with two weighing points. Please reserve yourself a slot for both, by clicking on the links we sent in mail

Training Days:

Please be advised that participating on training days requires a completed registration, but not the scrutineering process. Please also indicate your will to participate on the official/unofficial training days in the form below, so we can set the grid / towplane numbers accordingly. Flying prior to training days is not possible. IGC files must be handed in after all training flights to the scoring office.

Briefings / Communication:

We will use WhatsApp as the main communication channel to give information to you, but we will also use email to send out daily task files and airspace info.
Please make sure that we have all the numbers with WhatsApp that you want to use for this purpose, and an email address where you want to receive files to.

We will also ask you to hand in you IGC files via email to the Scorers, so make sure you have the technology to do so before coming here. You can email the files to: IGC@JWGC2019.HU

Every day (including all training days) there will be a Team Captain briefing at the IGC room (see on the map) at 0900LT, and a main briefing at the briefing hangar at 1000LT. As we wish to keep the briefings brief we ask you to speak to the organizers trough your Team Captain, so we can sort out any issues at their briefing and don’t have to waste time with long, open discussions on the main briefings, unless it’s necessary.


190724-190726 (training days): 1800-2000LT
190727-190810 (competition days): 0730-0930LT; 1800-2000LT

Each team shall name one or maximum two persons to arrange payments (preferably the Team Captain). We are dealing with one payment at a time. Paying by credit card will be an option. Accepted currencies in cash: HUF, EUR. Paydesk is located next to the scoring office.

Flags and survival gear:

Please remember to bring as many flags of your country as many pilots you can put on the podium at the prizegiving per class.
Sadly, the wet spring has blessed us with many mosquitoes and although there is a chemical warfare against them, it’s better if you take precautions.

Also we had cut our movement area as nice as possible, but there are some spiky plants that can give you a flat tyre so it is highly recommended to bring spare tubes, valve extenders and 12v pumps that you can be operated from your car. There are also gophers on the field, sharing their home with us (our airfield is also a nature reserve) and they can dig small, but annoying holes on the runway, so towing your glider around with low speed is recommended.

Important dates and opening ceremony:

  • First official Team Captain’s briefing: 23rd July 2019 18:00LT @ the IGC room. Don’t worry if you can’t make it; you won’t lose any info. as it’s going to be repeated.
  • Opening ceremony: 27th July 2019 18:00LT @ front of the briefing hangar. We moved this back a little, compared to the original date. Apart from the protocol, we can enjoy aerobatic display of the GENPRO prototype plane with some nice tunes played by our DJ afterwards. Great chance to test the temperature of our beer and the cuisine at the buffet.
  • We would like to host all Team Captains and IGC officials at a small reception in the city, right after the opening ceremony. We will have a bus taking us all there and back.
  • There will also be a selection of cultural programs through the competition, and we will send you the schedule soon.

Hope to see you soon, best of luck with all the preparation,

Competition Director


Welcome to the website of the 11th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships. You are invited to apply online for entry to above mentioned event, which will be held in the summer of 2019 at the airport of Szeged (Hungary) in FAI Club and Standard classes.